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Do what you love to do

When they are busy with work, they think about it and talk about it . And when

. They are in a state of work in which they forget themselves

There are over ٢٢ a thousand official job classifiers in the United States

Alone . Among these alpha classes, there are percussion synthesizers that make

 The figure is a hundred thousand bad jobs, a hundred thousand different jobs you can do

And most of the jobs that people will be employed in the Twenty-First Century have not been

. Notesfurther reading

Of the many functions that exist, a small number of them are possible

You have to work with him, and earn a good living . Let your brother be selective+ the third job

For you, which ones give you the greatest amount of joy and satisfaction and returns

Automate, and then direct all your energy towards open superiority in that area on the face

. Warning

Success has consequences

The point of the zookeeper towards identifying your own talents , your unique abilities is to come back

By changing you to the past . What kind of activity gave you the greatest results and returns

When you were in class, which course attracted your attention more than

Others?: Which valley did you get the highest score in You will always be the best

Doing something that takes Nick away, gets your attention , and takes over

Your interest , and you find yourself naturally attracted to it

One of the trends that determines whether no one is suitable for you or

It's your desire to learn more about it . You'll enjoy reading about it , talking

About him, learn about him . Not only that , but you will naturally be impressed

. The most successful people in the field that suits you perfectly

To your childhood

One way to determine your resignee is to examine your past . Back in your memory you were

You enjoy doing it the most when you were between the ages of seven and four

Ten . At that time I was completely free to pursue any activity that attracted you to it . What

Who did you enjoy performing the most If you don't remember, go ask someone

. Your parents will often remember how you spent your time, when you were younger

One of the participants in my training forums told me that this start applied to him

Totally . When he was between the ages of seven and fourteen, he was in love with makeup

The miniature models of the planes were spending long hours, from morning to

Worse, it installs Plus and Plus node models . And soon he began to ride

Models of aircraft with small engines, enter them into races . And when it became

Older, he installed larger aircraft with remote control Jazz, made them

. Flow into the market to compete through the initiative

When he finished high school, he entered the University, and received a degree in

Aeronautical engineering. He owns three companies . In one of his companies he designs

, Small aircraft by himself , and in a second company he leases and gives aircraft licenses

He owns a third aircraft maintenance company . He told me that his fortune is estimated at many debts

But he never felt that he had worked a single day in his life . It was

He has been working hard since he was a tea at a young age . And he was

He's only e٣ years old

Your feeling is edgy

Dale Carnegie once wrote: "Tell me what gives someone

. "The greatest feeling of PAL: fake , and I'll tell you what his whole philosophy is in life

What gives you the greatest sense of mindfulness

Select what the selection stirrer is doing

If you get this suspension , and you had to write an offer like this for

Start from the most important and valuable things that you do for your company , so how will you explain

And justify yourself How will you promote yourself to your current subordinate How to justify the amount of

For whom would you like to earn

Here are your core competitive advantages What special talents and abilities do you have that make you

So it's a value, and it puts you in an advanced position compared to the others?' What should it be

What are your competitive advantages Or here's who you might be: What are you doing

For whom would you like to earn Your answer is so accurate that it is worth the amount of

. These questions are indispensable for the success of your carefree path

How innocent is tech

There is a simple way to determine how good you are at what you do: are you in demand

With a degree of urgency If you're too thin, he'll try to keep

Attract you and hire you away from your current employer, that is, to receive job offers

At a regular pace . If you are self-employed, this means that you have

There are more workers you can work with. And to receive a flowing stream from

Recommendations, and the clients who were advised by other deans to deal with you because they were

. We are very satisfied with you

When you are in demand , you are in a state of complete job security, you know that if

What happened to your business is the case, you just have to cross the street , and you get

Another post from tomorrow . Vaz is always worried about volatility

You always have a lot more than you need, so you can be satisfied

. Serve the twenty-four hours of the day

When you reach this point, you will know that you are one of the elite in

Your domain . You will have a wonderful feeling about yourself, and you will have complete control over

. Your future

Do what you love to do

So you're wondering how you're going to define your own field of excellence, if you're not too

Take one of them . If you are very good at what you actually do, you should know that

The change in your field is happening very quickly , and that in a few years often

You will find yourself in another job, wearing a different mainstay, having a different specialization

I showed it today, it's not enough to keep you at the top . Whatever got you there

Your position

Here's one of the most important aspects about changing your thinking . Successful people do the following

They like to do it . They do their job with no art and joy . And they will

What they do, even if they don't get it, what is the question

The thing I would choose to do if I was financially stable , and I could do anything

"Something I want?"

How will your life change if you win a million du!Er ١?) The blackest of people

They will change their current jobs immediately if they make a million dollars . But it's an indicator

Risk, if you will leave your current job if you win a million duR . This is

. It means that you are at great risk of losing your carefree path and wasting your life

Determine what you enjoy doing

Almost all religious owners say that their secret to success is that they have found

It feels weirder . What they enjoy doing, and then they did it with all their heart

The successful ones are that they really work hard . He grudgingly says : "I haven't worked for a day."

. Their work is mixed with their play, they know where this starts and that ends

"One in my life