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egyarab A specialized website in egyarab the world of sports news all over the world and major international and Arab periodicals our website is an electronic magazine through which we talk about everything related to sports from sports news, sports general information, sports science, sports exercises. We highlight each sport individually, whether it is an individual sport such as swimming, judo, gymnastics and various combat games, and also highlight all team games such as football, basketball and water polo. We will try to single out sports news quickly so that we can have a place among the international newspapers and fields in the future.
"egyarab".. A Daily News newspaper and a website issued by the company "Future Publishing and distribution", on April 27, 2012. "egyarab" establishes a series of professional journalistic standards according to which all employees of the institution adhere to both print and electronic, and egyarab operates through its website and daily newspaper in accordance with the professional journalistic rules approved by the journalism profession and in accordance with the standards and laws of the Egyptian state, and in accordance with the laws regulating the press and publishing in Egypt, and recognizes and adheres to All codes of the Supreme Media Council and all its decisions .

egyarab raises a slogan across all its print and electronic platforms of impartiality, accuracy, objectivity, transparency and credibility, and practices it in all its published journalistic product.these standards are considered the main bridge of communication between it as a newspaper and a website and the reader, and it is the contract concluded by the reader and the site without being edited by one of them in writing. it is a contract, commitment and word imposed by the profession first, and the journalistic conscience second.

"egyarab" does not belong to any political or partisan current, and the publication of journalistic materials through the newspaper and the website does not reflect any ideological, sectarian, political or partisan affiliations, and "egyarab" relies in its journalistic belief and vision on the basics of the civil state and the controls of the law and its provisions, the institution believes in the complete and complete separation of powers, the teaching of the values of democracy in politics and the preservation of the security of states and the capabilities of peoples. Who are the readers of"egyarab".. They are all Egyptians, as egyarab addresses through its website and its printed newspaper to a large segment of Egyptians, in addition to everyone who is fluent in Arabic in the region or the world. The benefit is through the video journalism adopted by egyarab and is distinguished in it, as the content reaches everyone who has a way to watch egyarab video journalism, and egyarab uses all platforms and social media and adheres to its charters and standards when publishing to reach readers in all countries of the world.

The readers of" egyarab "are those who are looking for information and news, from all segments of society, also interested in culture as well as those looking for entertainment, the left arm of the media, whether in read or illustrated materials, everything that the reader is looking for by all means of research and techniques will find in"egyarab".