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It is an essential thinking tool It can change your life

Think and plan strategically

In terms of strategic planning, there are several concepts that will improve

Your results, and that change your life . And as with everything, there are ways of thinking that lead

. The most effective ways of getting sick

Draw a line

The withering concept is what I call "thinking at zero" . Take some time off

, About the concerns of your life and work . Underline all your current activities . Wha?:N

Imagine that you are starting all over again, and ask yourself , " knowing what I know, Al?"N, is shnak

Anything in my life that I would not engage in, or embark on, today if I had to start from


This is one of the most important questions that you will be asking and answering at home . You can

Apply it with a "forward-looking" tone to every aspect of your life, often

The most difficult part of personal strategic planning is trying to

. It's something you wouldn't even have gotten involved in, but I've never started over

 They often ask me for advice, in the Russian companies I work with as a consultant

Ways to increase sales of a product or service . And I always ask them, " what's on

What you know today, are you producing this good or service a second time today if

"Have you started again?"

And they often tell me, based on what they know today, they're not going to produce

This thing is absolutely senseless . And my advice to them is always the same

Finish him off ! " . One of the smartest things a company can do is

"The future for him is to stop him as soon as possible."

, As soon as possible . This is true for the products, services , and operations

Methods of sale or return of minerals, investments , or any other area of activity that consumes

. Time and pain , or emotional energy

Test your destiny with fire

If there is anything in your life, or in your work that you would like to do today, then

Based on the information you have , he is an excellent candidate for early abandonment, that is, for no

If there are any hiccups in your personal or practical life you want to get involved

Today, based on your information, if he was a slave to this

The problem is, your next question is, " how do I get out of this habit, and what


Think about your work and your carefree path . Is there anything in your working life that you won't

Are you doing it again today, based on what information you have at the moment

Are there any operations related to your business or !Actions, activities or expenses that have not

Would you start it again today if I had to start all over again

And finally, think about your investments, not only related to money, but also

Invest time or passion . Is there any aspect of your life that comes down to you

, And it causes you stress or stresses, wha You want to do it again today

If I start all over again Sometimes the fastest way to change your thinking and life is

To be held accountable for everything you do today, and it makes you miserable. And if

. It didn't work , give it up , do something else

Your most precious thing

The most valuable thing you have is your time . It is also your most dreaded resource . You have an amount

Limited time, and here it goes, until he comes to me . Time is rich

Time is also easy to waste and get lost . And you can't

Get the most out of it, no matter what you're doing . It can be said that

. The quality of your life is determined by the way you spend this precious rose

Your time is limited

You can save time . You can spend it in different ways . The whole

An aspect of your day-to-day life that shows how you've spent your time in the past . Then

If you want to have a different future, you should spend your time differently in

The present time . You need to change your thinking about yourself, or about the ways you're being used

. For your time to come up with what you want in your life

Time is like a machine in a way, it can hardly be wasted or invested . Then

If you waste money or time, they go to waste . And can you get them back

Not at all . But if you invest your time or spend wisely , you will get a higher return

In the future . It gives you the thinking , planning and personal strategy of Duat

What guarantees your achievement is a return of the time you will invest . Or in other words, it guarantees you

"Achieve the highest" return from life

It reflects everything you do and requires a time of your choice . Which choice is whether you

Whatever you choose, time will pass . Use your time wisely or

If you spend your time on one activity, you will no longer have the same amount

The amount of time available to be spent , or invested in another activity and to a large extent reduced

. Your thoughts on ways to use your time and your quality of life, both now and in the future

You have to be jealous of your time, absolutely jealous . You should be different

Be relaxed about spending your time on low-value activities . So if

You wanted to get the maximum return on energy wasted in your life and career

Then you have to reduce the volume of all activities that no longer represent theYou'll argue the same

Limit your time, assign it to others, or set it aside altogether . The thinking of

A zero point will help you make better decisions . It is an essential thinking tool

It can change your life

Whatever your definition of results and returns, they are everything . Your effectiveness is measured

As a human being, your ability to achieve what you want is health, happiness, and prosperity

Your task is to use the minutes and hours you have more effectively, to make sure

Who will give you the best quality and quantity of what you want in return for the time

Turn him on

Wasting your time

Everything in life is a kind of barter . In general, you are trading

With your time, what financial results and returns you want, you can find out what kind of swaps

You are looking around, assessing your current situation . Are you satisfied with the results

Your tradeoffs in life are even

Some people trade their time for مقا a thousand dollars a year . While trading

A thousand vertigo every year, on some 1 aThe same amount of time versus

Although they may be similar in age and intelligence, they have the same amount of

! Education and backgrounds . But one of them makes ten times as much as the others

But why?)

In the simplest terms, the person who wins the most thinks and behaves the way

Different from the one who earns less . One of them is considered a "trade-off" less than

. One of them has better information, constantly improves his skills, and starts

. He works harder at his work, and stays for a longer time than the lags

A good barterer quickly gains a winning advantage , and begins to move towards the top

Before long, he will work and win at a much higher level than

. Others who have started with him that this should be your goal too