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The choices you make in this regard

However, you can change the situation that you may reach, and it may be that

This is the right time for you to do it. I always tell any patient I have that

The age he reachedN is not a carefree thing, there is no right time or

It's time to start enjoying a healthy life. And the contentment was always what they looked at me

I was surprised when I told them that, but I was emphasizing that I said that there was no

It is a good time for a person of any age to lead a healthy life. Even if it is

You are seventy-five years old, then you will be happy about it. Remember that you will still be thinner

On the surface of the {رض so settle down to the end. Hence, this bitter is due to

The creatures

For you,where you can always show class. This book will show you how

. Don't have access to that

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Every month I follow up the letters and newsletters aboutاليب methods

Healthy nutrition and concern for health, I also read newspapers daily to get acquainted

The latest news in the field of health care. Some people have commented on

That "you are a doctor, you must follow this news so that you can keep up with the latest

Research and special studies are the practice of your profession, but I reply to them with a leader: "the

TheWe forget to read a lot با in addition to the need to listen to many

". The tips. You are above all a human being and٧ you must do this to preserve your health

Dear reader, you should know that everything that I am conveying to you from you, dear reader, you should embrace it for you

And information about healthy lifestyles WADiet, if and how to get sick

Which you can use to live well, related to my opinions

Personality. Everything I tell you about in this book is the result of research studies

Clinical trials conducted in the United States and by a group of

Rules mean to be attentive not to do actions; you have to be attentive

You eat from food and you have to be attentive to the way you live your life

And٧ the way you treat the environment around you to make sure it's a healthy environment

And it's also safe for you to look at the environment around you and evaluate it while reading this book

you also have to know physically that the shape sometimes

Not about smoking

On the other hand, you are usually surprised to realize that the

It works to change your lifestyle and restore strength and vigor to yourself

, Again. So you feel like you can actually change from yourself for the better

Plus, you don't need to take medications at all to even go to

The doctor is basically . Also, you will feel very energetic and strongly motivated to

. Enjoy the abundance of Health

Work on healthy habits throughout your life, and when you reach the age of

Fifty, you will feel as if life is still at the beginning, you will even feel that it is time

You have reached the spring of life and you are fully active and healthy. But if it happens

On the contrary, if you follow the wrong habits and have not changed yourself, you will find yourself

Suddenly you start having problems with your knees and you will find that your weight has increased by as much

A kilogram, and you can do something that you used to do

. Before. And then, you'll get٧ frustrated

 Good, "Kasparov said," if he can beat the computer this time. And finally

The computer has already enabled this ball to overcome "Kasparov" and his defeat

He was able to make more than a million movements per second. Hence, if

This was what the computer needed to shake the human mind in chess, which is

Just one of the mind games, we can easily realize that the computer

He won't even be able to do any work unless the human field is programming him

. And set it up

The human body is the finest of all creatures ارض, It must

Treat him in the best possible way so that you can live with the best health and well-being. The

Having good health represents a comprehensive and integrated lifestyle, and it also expresses

Think properly about the choices you make. It is a good awareness to know how


Live your life interested in maintaining your health and take care of it as it should seem

It means the life of P

Take care of a bitch !Growls. Winning the interest of maintaining health

K. And this, of course

Vitality, activity and enjoy the same strength as you have throughout your life

On hold

It means that you increase your lifespan and prolong your chances of staying longer

I live and in order for you to win it all and enjoy it, the best way e

. The choices you make in this regard

One question that needs to be asked here is: Will the issue of health care continue

All the time Of course, it will only last for most of the time. Often

People are wondering what they will do at the time of the holidays, and a leader replied to them: "if

. TheGazas are always the exception to the rule; so, be content with your life but in moderation

Eat as much as you want and spend time with yourself, friends and family

Your family ."FA{ Cathal gases {an important part in relation to the initiation of social communication with

Around us. The rest of the time, we must strictly follow the rules. And follow

While I was writing this book, the headlines in the newspapers wereSide effects

From the market; where it was discovered that it causes Vioxx, talk about the withdrawal of Vioxx drug

Some heart diseases. As well, there are many doubts and fears that are raised every

, Almost a day about some other dorms. While you are reading this book

RIA shows there are many new studies and risks that revolve around drugs

The thesis is in the market and makes headlines in the newspapers if you recognize

, This information and its decisions are very important for maintaining your health. Therefore

You have to choose one of the newspapers, hard or one of the sites for the Strip

. Get to know her regularly and get to know the developments of this gal starting today