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When you start thinking about how you are a personal services company

About the nature of your competitive advantage is the decisive factor in determining your success

. Your life and career

Passing the bumpy road

A few years ago, one of my friends went to work for a company

, A stock exchange hitter . The nomination and training program was of a highly technical nature

Sales training was virtually non-existent when he finally got a permit

And he said, ' yclow pages, the stock market hit, he was given a directory of companies.'

He has to make contact to bring the Dua: see any contact in any way he can

Reaching him by phone convinced him to buy his products . He soon realized that this was

. The most difficult ways in the world to enter the world of professional sales , and to earn a living

One day an idea occurred to him that changed his carefree path, and eventually made him one of the

The most prominent robot consultants in the iPad . He realized that his whole carefree path , and all that

It happens to him in a way that his family lifestyle, his bank account, and his future

It depends on how efficient he is on the phone, and so he made a decision that becomes very special in

. Using the phone as a polling and sales marketing tool

He read every book he could find on the techniques of using the phone

Effectively . He received every training course, studied every information about the situation, and became

He is very good at using the phone so that he can recognize some kind of

Justifies the hesitation in the voice of the person to whom he is calling . And gain ways to respond

potential and actual Deans, he confirms

. For them that what is recommended to them is the right thing for them

And today he earns more than two million dollars!Every year we buy and sell:

His client's investments are on the phone for a fixed percentage . The ratio is ٩٩ ./ The whole of

His business is conducted by phone, waN via computer , e-mail

And fax . He rarely meets his deans in person . But on the phone it's SIDS

He has gained a competitive advantage in a definite and definite form

, Organize , reorganize your life , restructure your activities, reengineer

In order to raise awareness and the amount you don't get from investing returns hours days

Your life in what you do

Let's say, for example, that you've decided that you want to double your paycheck

The next three to five . And this is a reasonable goal achieved by many people from

Those around you already are . Vue is not difficult th . To put it simply, it's not

You have to double your income to double your output (results ) relative to

Your savings ( your effort ) should double the value of your contribution

Night fruits come as a result of the brigade of a job , or the production of related goods and services

A value, and there are those who are willing to pay for it if you want to increase the amount of

. Harvest, you should make a plan to increase how much you sow

Your area of excellence

What is the decisive factor that determines the success or failure of any company It's her advantage

Competitiveness, or the "zone of superiority" . Every company has emerged and continues to exist

Have a unique possibility of offering something to the market that is considered better on one hand or the other

. She continues to satisfy her clients in a specific area better than anyone else

The competitive advantage or unique sales offer of the company determines its growth rate, the level of

Its sales, profitability, and even its own continuity . And the companies that are missing out

Paradoxical will soon disappear from the market , to be replaced by other companies with advantages

Clear and explicit competitiveness , so that the customer can pay for it, which is

He really does it

And you are very different from that . As the head of a company should

To establish and maintain a significant competitive advantage , you also have to

You should acquire a tricked domain . You must be absolutely superior in what you do

It has a job, so you can get a bite for free . Your choices and decisions

It will be largely determined by the actions that you have done, or failed to do

You're in charge . You're in control, you're in control . You're your own boss . And what

One of the limits of your importance, except those that you allow the outside world to put in front of you and in front of

. Your thinking


When you start thinking about how you are a personal services company , you

Separating ngske from all those people who think they're working for

Someone else . When you take responsibility for your Indian path, you start to think

As a personal strategic planning considerations, exactly like a business project

Huge . Start making long-term plans

. The parallels between corporate planning and personal planning are very similar

The purpose of"strategic planning in a commercial project is to achieve the highest return

An investor in this project . All strategic plans ( ROE ) are profitable

The tactics are aimed at organizing the incoming, company-specific activities in the following way

Who achieves the highest percentage of return on its resources, and higher than all of the above


In the simplest possible form, strategic planning aims to increase the percentage of output

To invest ( income ) . Also, all the common buttonhole practices today, such as

Restructuring , reorganization, and restructuring to improve

Take advantage of the institution or company so that it reaps the excess from the machine . That is, they are aimed at

. Increased output, adjusted profitability

Increase your returns on your energy

If the returns on capital are called profitability returns, are the returns

Personality is the return of your energy . Personal strategic planning focuses on