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position they want to reach in the future

Let your dreams be sublime and majestic, and as you dream they become . What you see with your imagination is a promise that will eventually come true .

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, because your thoughts alone have the power to make you healthy or suffer from illness, to make you rich or poor, loved by others or unloved . Your mind is like an active vital field that can be directed to any destination to achieve great results, or to spread chaos and destruction . Let your main goal in life be to better exploit the amazing energies that are inside you , and to direct them intelligently and systematically towards whatever you want.

Let me tell you a story . A few years ago, I took my family to Italy for a vacation. We have been transported between many of the greatest art museums in the cities of Rome and Florence . There is a special museum built as a home for Michelangelo's statue of David hundreds of years ago, perhaps the most beautiful sculpture in the world . The experience.

The actual presence in the same room with this statue is something that no one who has passed through it can forget it.

The story of the creation of the statue of David is very interesting and it is a lesson for all of us, the noble gentlemen ordered "Michelangelo" to create the statue for the main square in Florence . The "Medici" family was one of the richest and most influential families of Italy at that time . It was not only a great honor to be commissioned to make a statue; it was also a task that he could not refuse. And for two years he made Michelangelo look for the block of rock from which he would make that masterpiece that family members are looking forward to.

Finally, while walking along the streets of Florence, Medici found a huge marble slab, almost covered with Moss and dirt, placed on wooden stands . It had been brought from the mountains years ago and had never been used .

"Michelangelo" had passed by this street many times before, but this time he stopped and took a closer look. As he was stepping back and forth, looking at the block of marble, he really saw the statue of David, and he saw it complete and perfect 

Great success requires long and hard work

The artist quickly arranged for some workers to lift the marble block to his workshop, which is not far away . And then he embarked on the long arduous task of hammering, carving and leveling with chisels . It took him two hard years of work to put together the overall exterior of the statue . 

Then he put aside his hammer and chisels.

To spend two more years polishing and smoothing before the statue was completed, Michelangelo was already a famous example at that time, and the news of his work floated on a major Commission commissioned by the "Medici" family throughout Italy . When the day of the statue's first public display came, thousands of people from all over Italy flocked to the main square . When the lid was opened, the crowd stood and gaped . The beauty of the statue was unsurpassed .

People cheered . The ladies fainted. Those present were amazed at the incredible beauty of this colossal-sized statue . Michelangelo was known at the time as " the greatest.

An example of his time . When asked how he managed to create such an unparalleled masterpiece, he replied that he had seen the statue completely and completely in the marble block. All he had to do was remove

Appendages, that is, everything that is not from the statue

You are nothing but an original masterpiece

There are many similarities between you and the Great statue, you are very much like an exquisite original masterpiece that is also locked in marble. But the marble that envelops you and most people is the marble of small limited thinking and excessive concern about the possibilities of loss and failure, and not zealously anticipating the rewards and returns of success and achievement . In order to realize your full potential, your most important need is to break your limited thinking, by dreaming big dreams, and imagining limitless possibilities . You need to remove all the negative beliefs that are holding you back from becoming everything you can be, but remember, even after you freed the statue from the marble , it took

"Michelangelo" two hard years of polishing and trimming to turn it into an original masterpiece . In the same way, you have to refine yourself by learning and practicing for days, weeks, months, even years, in order to develop and release all.

The main purpose of this book is to help you change your thinking so that you become completely overwhelmed, that is, nothing can hinder you, in achieving any goal you set for yourself . Your goal is to develop yourself to the psychological point where you become

She has such irresistible forces of nature . That is, it becomes like a tide that floods the beach, or like a violent storm that sweeps the land . Your goal is to become so confident, brave, strong, and determined that you can set your sights on any goal, with the firm realization that you can learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do, and eventually accomplish it. Very determined and resolute, so that nothing and for any

You will become a person that slows down your movement or diverts your path . You will really become a sweeper !

Dream big dreams

You are embarking on the process of acquiring the sweep trait by dreaming big dreams . And since everything you do in the world starts with an idea, the bigger your dreams, the more goals you will achieve . All successful men and women are dreamers . All those who have reached the peak of performance are what we call "imaginary thinkers". They always allow their minds to wander freely, when they think about what is possible in front of them. They look towards the boundless blue sky above them, as if there are no limits or restrictions in front of what they can do, possess or be . Successful people continue to practice "back from the future" thinking . They predict many years to come, imagining what their life would have looked like if they had achieved all their goals . They return their gaze to the present, from the mental point of view of the future, just like looking from the top of a high mountain at the bottom where they are actually still standing, that is, at the foot during this present moment . And then they look at the path they have to take to get to the position they want to reach in the future .

And according to the law of reciprocity, whatever you can see clearly inside you, you will eventually experience it outside of you. In addition, you should imagine your goals as clearly and vividly as possible . Imagine your goals intensely , create