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What is the function of public relations

What is the function of public relations?

Public relations can be defined as the process of managing the communication between an organization and its publics. Public relations professionals work on behalf of businesses, organizations, government agencies, and brands to shape the public image of the organization, issue press releases, and contribute to shaping public opinion that is in line with the organization's goals.

Essential elements of a public relations department

A public relations department relies on important operational pillars to perform its duties. Some of the most prominent of these pillars are as follows:

Working in a structured effort

Establishing shared relationships between the organization and the community

Providing opinions on the situations encountered by the organization

Legislating the organization's policies and organizing its procedures

Ensuring that the policies and procedures are available to the local community

Public relations tasks

The tasks and functions of a public relations department fall under the following:

Preparing important papers on issues of importance to the organization

Carrying out advertising and promotional tasks

Disclosing news of activities and events to be available to the external audience

Maintaining communication with the media

Coordinating press conferences and media tours

Relations with the organization's guests

Receiving guests

Preparing a schedule for guest visits and other matters related to the visit

Preparing guidance booklets for guests

Preparing gifts for guests

Marketing relations

Advertising new products or services or any improvements that have been made to products and services

Developing and implementing promotional materials

Participating in trade shows and marketing events

Goals of a public relations department

Here are the most prominent goals that any public relations department in any institution should achieve:

Presenting a decent image of the institution to the community and other institutions

Expressing interest in public opinion at both the internal and external levels

Participating in providing advice to the management of the institution in the event of making any decision or policy

Protecting the institution by preparing contingency plans that prevent the institution from encountering any problems

Ensuring the formation of good relations between the employees of the institution and the management

Attracting employees with high skills and competencies to the institution


Public relations is an important function in any organization. It helps to shape the public image of the organization, build relationships with the community, and achieve the organization's goals.