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Decide today that you will become a completely happy person

And by the way, don't worry about the other person's reaction . That's not what you care about . Your goal is to free yourself to regain your peace of mind , and to continue the wonderful life that stretches before you.

The third group you should forgive is everyone else in your life who has ever offended you in any way . Take it away from you . Forgive every boss, every business partner, friend, every fraudster or traitor who once caused you grief and anguish of any kind . Purify your page . Erase their names and photos from your mind, saying : "I forgive him / her for everything, I wish him / her well" . Repeat this sentence whenever you think about the person or situation until the negative feelings go away

The fourth and final person you have to forgive is yourself . You should forgive yourself for everything you may have done or said that was absurd, stupid, malicious, reckless, or even cruel . Stop carrying the mistakes of the past on your shoulders . It's all happened in the past there and now we're in.

Think about it this way: when you did those things in the past that you still feel bad about, you weren't the person you are today . At that time, I was a different person, younger and less experienced . You weren't who you really were . I was just an immature version of the person I am now after more experience . Stop holding yourself accountable and lashing out for things that.

With regard to psychotherapy, when a person is burdened with a deep sense of guilt or shame, as a result of a psychological crisis from childhood, the moment of cleansing from this feeling comes only when he suddenly realizes the following : "it was not my fault" . Sometimes you do things, or things happen to you, when you are too young and inexperienced to realize what is going on or how the situation can be changed . The mistake was not your fault . You did the best you could, it's okay . Forgive yourself, free her from the trap of the past.

Just say, " I forgive myself for every mistake I've made . I am a good person in every way and I will have a wonderful future " . Whenever you remember that event or situation, repeat, "I completely forgive myself" . Then get on with your life . Focus on the future, not the past . Look where you mean to go, not where you came from

And in the end, if you did something that offended someone, and you still feel bad about it, you can go to that person to apologize to him or write to him and tell him that you are sorry for what you did or said . And no matter how this person reacts, positive or negative, it doesn't matter . The very act of regret and expressing it, would move him .

The last warning

Most people are familiar with the idea of forgiveness, and accept it, as it is an essential part of the fundamental doctrines of most of the heavenly religions, as studied by psychology and occultism . Perhaps you are comfortable with the idea of Forgiving Most of those who have offended you in your life in one way or another . But there is a great danger

The danger is that your refusal to forgive for one big pain is enough to cripple your entire life. Your insistence on holding one position or one person without forgiveness will hold back all your future progress . There are countless men and women who have had their lives ruined as a result of anger and resentment towards just one person . Since they couldn't make a page about it, they never got free


Allow this to happen to you . You must have the courage and strength of character to forgive everyone, without exception . There shouldn't be anyone in your life that you still feel angry about . Your mind should be calm and clear, you should be able to say : "I have no negative or intolerant thought towards anyone in the world; I forgive them all unconditionally" .

Control your emotions

The starting point for eliminating your negative emotions is to take full control of your thoughts and actions, and train yourself not to express negative emotions when they arise, you may not be able to restrain the initial negative reactions to any frustration or disappointed hope, but you can refuse to express it, both to yourself and to others . You can cancel it right away by saying, " I'm

Responsible ! "

There are some who say that it is healthy to express negative emotions of anger, resentment, fear, and suspicion, but the truth is that anything you nurture inside you, nourish, and talk about, will be reflected in your real world . A small negative experience is

Like a spark that can break out, turn into a raging flame, by thinking about it and talking about it. Instead, get rid of the moment it dawns on you, by saying, " I'm in charge ! "Then investigate the reasons for that responsibility . And you will always find it .

"Now get right."

When you stop thinking about negative events, talk about them



And taking it back again and again, along with the emotions it evokes, shows the right of positive emotions that will fill your heart and mind . When all the thoughts, opinions, prejudices and attitudes that make you miserable are thrown out of you, you will begin

In acquiring emotions and thoughts that improve how you feel about yourself and about

Your life

Nature is on your side, she wants you to be happy and healthy, in prosperity, satisfaction and satisfaction . May you be able to live joy, harmony, love, along with the greatest human blessings, peace of mind . And just as the gyroscope ( to save direction and balance ) goes out of balance for a moment and then returns to the upright position, your life and emotions return to their peace and love when you stop doing and saying things that take away from you the peace of your inner self .

To make a decision on this very day to give up negative emotions . Decide that from now on you will be positive and optimistic, happy and motivated in every aspect of your life . Change your thinking about yourself and your potential , and it will change your life

Decide today that you will become a completely happy person . And now ask yourself: "What in my life makes me unhappy or brings on stress?" "

Whatever your answer is, decide to deal with it and get it over with

 Remember one of your childhood experiences that you still feel angry about . Now reinterpret that experience positively , and see it as an experience that taught you valuable lessons

In which aspect of your life do you get angry or angry because you still blame someone for something he did or didn't do Whatever the answer is, take responsibility for it , and get on with your life.

Who is the person who belongs to your past and you haven't forgiven him yet Any of your experiences

Decide to forgive the person, and take the matter off your shoulders .

Don't take things personally anymore . From now on when it doesn't show . Others treat you with respect, or treat you in a way that you do not like, take off the matter, blinking at your work

Make a decision today to forgive anyone from your past that you still feel for

With any negative emotions . Take it away from you and free yourself at the same time forgive yourself for every mistake you may have made one day . If this is possible, go to the other person you may have made a mistake against