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Cognition that precedes the thought process

Thinking embodies a great grace bestowed by Almighty God on man

To recognize and worship him; to age the Earth and evaluate the construction of civilization

Guided by the prophetic messages. :

Man has distinguished himself and is unique from the rest of the creatures."

It is a blessing from which a reasonable person does not stop and does not imagine emptiness." 

Human life is a moment in time.

Hence the importance of reflection in our own life is manifested

And public.. Religious and worldly.. Scientific and practical.. These include

The importance arises from the need to review the prevailing ways of thinking"

To determine whether she is able to achieve the goal of slavery

Or does it need to be rebuilt and structured; so after

Carrying out a demolition of erroneous methods and "fail to mental restrictions"

Breaking down the mental barriers that hinder proper thinking

And creative production.

Thinking is a complex issue in terms of what it ends and how it ends

And what influences them from subjective psychological motives and Pythian factors


Thinking about the fact of the matter is not just a hollow methodology

The tongues roar with it, the books are written with it, and the books are embellished with it."

Studies " it is what the intellect is guided by and what it shines with

The mind; and what the soul is attracted to by the mental steps that surround it

A sincere emotion aimed at giving and giving". And full of bright visions."

He brought her astute learning and dexterous meditation.

There are many questions that lack accurate answers " from

During which the modes of thinking can be corrected and recover (wellness

Full mental), and then we upgrade goals and raise performance

It also, to a second degree, embodies the surrounding thought process of

The most complex and problematic of these questions are the following:

What is thinking

And how does a person think

Are there factors that mature thinking and fertilize it and others

Spoil it and flatten it

Why does one of us seem impulsive in one case and not the other!!

And at one time or another!

What does language have to do with thinking And can we think without

A specific language

Can't our senses exercise a deception on us in the process of

Cognition that precedes the thought process

Do environmental factors affect thinking positively or negatively

How thinking about a person leads to success after matchmaking

God Almighty? (laughs)

Can scientific thinking be gained by learning and practicing, or

It's a mountain fungus?'

Why don't we take advantage sometimes when we think


What is creative thinking

Is it possible to turn a person into a creator And how!

In brief, tinged with some detail, he tries this:

The subject is to grope for answers to the above, formulated in a template."

Please be clear and supported by practical examples .

Before proceeding further:

I would like to draw the attention of the kind reader before reading this topic

To the following:

القراءة-that reading on a topic like thinking should be worn out

Very focused.

؟- The importance of re-reading some parts of the topic that

The reader feels the importance offinishing, or at least those that he demanded

Re-read it.

* - It is scientifically proven that thinking cannot be acquired from

During a hasty reading and a cold reaction, it is necessary to read