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Watching the media article is very impressive

The genesis of the specialized Imamate:

With the beginning of human civilization: there was no boundary between science and philosophy,

There was even one kind of knowledge: his means may differ, but he represents-in the end -

One mental and human activity, therefore, was philosophy or science.

The Greek civilization which is considered the basis of the modern Arab civilization

On the aged combination of the philosophy of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the mathematics of Pythagoras": a notice

Homer; scientists then laid the foundations of civilizational progress through harmony and integration

Between science, technology and humanities.

The science of the early Muslims of the Times of prosperity was characterized by a combination of disciplines

Ibn Sina was a philosopher, doctor and poet; he was

Ibn al-Haytham, a year-old prodigy of optics, astronomy and mathematics besides his mastery of philosophy; he was

Al-Biruni year 4 astronomy, geography, mathematics, pharmacy, religion and philosophy.

The fields of human knowledge are expanding); they have achieved a huge accumulation

I shout" specialization " the salient feature; I divide the whole streaked into fine particles

Specialized: the features of what was called intellectual isolation began, where every science that defines its features was betrayed

Its boundaries are strictly defined, and acquaintances have become distant and isolated islands 4 ocean wide.

The specialization did not stop there, but soon turned to specialization."

For example, the former shop is studying the science of Medicine in general, but

Now there are specialties of Cardiology and otolaryngology;

Teeth and enamel: it is worth mentioning that these deeper specialties were not exclusive

On the fields of Medicine, the first is one field, but it happened that 4 different types of Sciences

And practices " and this was reflected in the positives, most notably, the scientific results became more accurate

And credibility, which is essential and important for the 2nd progress and prosperity of science.

The field of media was not far from other fields and disciplines, from the beginning

Media studies and research were concerned with a specific audience, any specific sector, and gathered it

Specific characteristics and attributes such as a child, a young person, a young person, an elderly person or a woman: B#

In contrast, other media studies were interested in studying specific content, such as dramatic materials

Or documentary, news or tourism.

The concept of mass media:

Specialization means the division of the whole combinatorial whole into specialized particles: where he took

Each Science defines its features; its boundaries; it is distinguished from other sciences and other knowledge.

Specialized media means any media, whether it is readable, audible, or

My pathos (newspaper, radio: TV) is mainly concerned with the aspects of the pathos

Humanity: it reaches a specialized audience that is united by a number of characteristics or traits


Salwa Imam defines it as directed to certain categories or sectors

(As peasants - and workers - and women - and children-and youth--) and it is characterized as a media that provides

Contents #4 multiple areas (such as politics, economics, sports, etc.)

The treatment of these areas is influenced by the nature of the qualitative audience to which you are addressing and the level of

His culture.

The specialized media is interested in a specific or specific area and is directed to an audience

General as open and coded mathematical vomiting; on the other hand specialization may be

In terms of audience as addressing a specific audience that has common characteristics and traits

Such as the channels (child - and woman), the channel of birds of paradise and the channel of the nanny woman who

She heads to the women's sector of fashion, art and fashion.

Sami al-Sharif defines it as aimed at preparing, publishing and making available specific types

In-depth and specialized information material with the aim of directing it to a specific audience with

Characteristics, traits, needs and tastes are common or continental.

The communicator (sender) - here - knows his audience accurately and through these

Knowledge the communicator prepares his information material; puts it in the appropriate or appropriate form

Characteristics and characteristics of the audience: therefore, the chances of success of the media message are more

Very many messages or materials that are addressed to a general audience.

Specialized media is one of the most important means of providing and disseminating specialized culture

And in-depth to the audience using all the supporters of attraction, fascination and persuasion that are characterized by

It has all its different modes.

For example, the radio is an easy way to pick up and use; and to deal with it before

The listener does not need special experience and skills: it is also characterized by an element of speed or

Current: it features the components of the sound element, its coloring, diction Arts and radio skills

(The communicator) gives a greater chance of grub and Ihar.

And the TV is characterized by mixing the elements of the image in all its forms, its sleepiness and persistence

Sound with all its components; sentences from it are a convincing means of explanation, an eye-catching effect and hearing

Attention: in addition to the possibility of variation A the sizes and types of shots and the style of editing

Camera warp; the ability to display the moving image:; which made the general public

The specialist is a specific content, specialized sectors that go to the means to buy, hear, or

Watching the media article is very impressive .

The specialized media is divided into two parts: specialization and content"

The specialty is 24 audience snot. The first is interested in providing large doses of content

4 a certain area is actioningdrama subjects, sports, politics and economics; the second is the presence of

Newspapers and radio stations in both their visual and audible aspects address a certain group, such as children and women.

The importance of specialized information:

The importance of specialized media comes according to several factors, and these factors are not measured

Only by the level of basic characteristics such as age, level of education or area of residence

But in addition to these factors, there are other important ones, including:

1. Attention to personal mood, hobbies and media exposure patterns, in line

Although, as the standard of living increases, the demands increase, multiply and become obsolete

Availability, quantity and quality are essential # the media competition arena that prevails B

The age of telecommuting and the age of image culture: the age of television and communication


2. The media has the task of publishing all types of banks, and their role is not limited to

To publish a specific type of practice, but each printed or broadcast in its own way

Audiovisual specializes 4 specific types of this culture,

3. The importance of specialization in the same media is due to the fact that each media of

Traditional means possess a greater possibility of propagation and access to cuttings

A large number of different types of audience.

4. And specialization has made the media a bigger responsibility, especially at the level of

Official media, for example, when the television presents educational programs, it squirts