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It also seems clear that achieving media security is linked to achieving the requirements

Media security can be viewed as part of the whole, that is, part of reality

And the prevailing security system in a particular country, with some specificity that stems from the specificity of the media sector, to the same extent, and always with the difference, by which it can be said that industrial security, intellectual security, economic security, social security, etc.... are part of All, then, the concept of media security is a partial concept that falls under the broader overall concept. The concept of comprehensive security has its various dimensions and falls under the umbrella of the general security function of the government, which makes media security a necessity and a basic, economic and social requirement, in an era full of changes, fluctuations and security events that, if not affected, If there is a direct financial impact on security, it certainly has important psychological effects on this growing sector.

It also seems clear that achieving media security is linked to achieving the requirements

Public security in general, meaning that media security is a collective responsibility, which begins with strengthening the values of belonging and loyalty of individuals and society to their country and their work, and increasing national awareness of the importance of media and media security, as well as the concerted efforts of all the joint efforts of the agencies concerned with the media and media, religious, social and political institutions in the public sector, with community institutions and organizations. Civilian with public security and media security services

Dimensions of human security

We will shed a little light on the dimensions of human security, then we will talk about media security, which constitutes an important and influential dimension on other dimensions (1). Which is what appears to us

The following figure

It has become clear that the term security has multiple implications and meanings related to its multiple meanings, fields, and fields. The following paragraphs focus on some of these fields in a preliminary attempt to draw a picture of the concept of security in its comprehensive sense. Perhaps the most clear implication for the public and private is the security of a person’s life and property, and breach of this by a member of society means committing a felony or crime. Human societies, regardless of their development, establish the foundations, controls, customs, laws, and legislation to organize social life in ay that guarantees the individual’s security and deters those who harm him. Hence the term criminal security came, considering whoever transgresses against others in his life, money, and honor as a predator who deserves appropriate punishment and just retribution so that society can live a safe life by eradicating the corrupt from it. Criminal security is not limited to imposing or implementing penalties against those who violate security, but rather is concerned with setting controls to protect society from various types of deviant human behavior that threaten the security of society and individuals.

Dr. Hamid Rabie defines national security as " That set of rules

The movement that the state must maintain respect for, and impose on the countries dealing with it to observe, so that it can guarantee itself a kind of regional preventive self-protection. Then he concludes by saying that the concept of national security is, in essence, a military concept that stems from the characteristics of the defensive conditions of the national territory, and is transformed in a theoretical formulation such that it becomes rules for collective and leadership behavior with a political significance.

National security means securing the state and society against all dangers that threaten it internally and externally, securing its interests, and securing appropriate conditions economically and socially to achieve goals and objectives that express general satisfaction in society, or strengthening them through integration and political-economic cooperation, as is the case with the countries of the Arab world that must strive. To strengthen the mechanisms and rules of joint action among them to strengthen their self-security

(Qatari) and national

It includes the measures taken by the state in all fields. Issues of the economy, defense, and all sources of state activity are indivisible.

The measures taken are within the state's capacity and capabilities, as there is hope

Ambition that exceeds available capabilities leads to destruction.

Planning for the present and the near and distant future must take into account international variables that call for re-evaluation from time to time so that procedures always match present and expected variables.