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The extent of response to these goals.

Biomass, including location, area, population, natural resources, global level, health level, services, and transportation.

Economic capacity, including: performance level, technological level, and security

Food, agriculture, energy, industry, currency power...etc

Military capability, including: conventional forces, command and control expertise, mobilization, military technology...etc

The ability to influence and influence includes: the internal and external levels and the ability to exert pressure.

The nature of the strategic objectives and the extent of their acceptance, including: the clarity of the objective

The extent of response to these goals.

The extent of the strength of the national will, which includes: leadership and ability to pursue interests


If we exclude the countries of the Arab world, the concept of national security overlaps with the concept of national security to the point of coincidence, and therefore national (national) security means the ability of the state and society to preserve the nation, its dignity, its lands, and its economy, and to protect its natural resources... from any aggression. External, as it means the ability of the state

To protect its internal values from any threats, regardless of any variable

Political security is considered one of the basic fields of the concept of security in the comprehensive sense and overlaps to a large extent with the concepts of nationalism and patriotism. Political security focuses" on

Securing the course of political life in society in a way that ensures the security of all its components

One of the components of political security is its interest in the means and tools of achieving state security, considering that this constitutes a basic pillar for maintaining the stability of the political system, and therefore political security is “that”: the effort made to preserve the secrets and integrity of the state and work to prevent everything that would corrupt the relationship between the authority and the people or “Distorting the image of the state.”

Economic security:

Economic security does not only mean providing labor and production requirements to meet the necessary needs of the population, but it also means investing the wealth of society instead of...

In addition, in many countries of the world there is a lack of income security

For many reasons, the most important of which are:

Wages deteriorate due to inflation, which eats up a large part of their value. With no income security, people in many countries of the world resort to government assistance. In developing countries, one-third of the population lives below the poverty line, on average

500 US dollars

which is concerned with the flow of the industrial production process and the relationship between humans and their practical surroundings, including the issue of occupational safety and health. Industrial security is also concerned with industrial accidents, their causes and effects, because the goal of industrial security is to provide complete and comprehensive protection for all elements of production, especially the human era, which is considered the main focus of the industrial process (1).

Occupational safety also means all important activities that aim to protect working individuals, materials, devices, machines, equipment and tasks from exposure to accidents and injuries during work. That is, occupational safety is focused on providing services, equipment and construction and setting the necessary arrangements to protect all elements of production, especially the human element, so that these are available. Appropriate physical and psychological conditions

For working individuals to perform their work as required.